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Best Social Media platforms to generate leads

Social media presence of any brand acts as an X-ray to a customer. How? they can see through what your company is all about from launch date to current customer review.

In this digital era, when billions of people are just a click away, your brand presence on social media is called for. So, today or tomorrow, you would require to mark your steps on online platforms to gain customers.

Social media is a journey of a brand and customers from awareness to direct purchase. In digital marketing, after brand awareness, the next step is generating potential leads.

Leads are the customer’s information that you would like to know based on their interest in your brand. But why do you need lead generation when you can sell your products directly?

It’s a dreamland far far away. For direct purchase, every marketer follows the sales funnel, and lead generation is a way through.

Even for lead generation, you need to follow proper strategy else you might end up with non-potential customer data. First, it’s not selling the products but gathering insights on your customer.

Things you would acquire are:

  • The interest of your target audience
  • Most popular product or services
  • The pain points for customer
  • How you can turn them into paying customers

Second is choosing the right social media channel. If you are investing in marketing through social media, the returns are high, only when you are on the right path. It means you should know whom to target and where to target.

Most likely, marketers would go with Facebook for lead generation, and why not, it has over one billion users.

Wrong! Facebook is not the only way out.

Based on statistics, B2B marketers were able to generate:

  • 44% leads through Linkedin
  • 39% from Facebook
  • 30% from Twitter

The strategies and tactics you are planning to implement will depend on which social media channel you are focusing on.

Facebook Lead generation

Every marketer’s choice, Facebook is the most common platform for lead generation with around 2 billion active users. With such a huge audience, your marketing is just a click away.

3 most common ways to fill in the bucket with leads are:

On-page promotion

You must have noticed business pages on Facebook, those pages are one way of getting the leads. Searching for the answer on how? The more page followers you have, the more people you have to target for leads.

If people have liked the page it infers they know about the brand and they are interested. It’s the most organic way to promote your brand on social media and generate customer data.

Off-page promotion

Customer engagement with the brand is crucial so apart from your own page, there is a way to target people organically through off-page promotion. In other words, you can promote and engage users from Facebook communities, groups, and other pages.

Find the target groups, pages to promote your products there, but maintain the balance. Furthermore, you can create your own groups while creating a page to increase the reach.

Paid promotion

Finally, paid marketing promotions. It’s an investment with greater returns. The strategies for paid campaigns run the same way as social promotions. You should ask yourself, what perception you want your customer to have before you start marketing.

If you have the strategy ready, you can implement it with a variety of Facebook ads. It’s a long road to reach the right audience. For leads, you can select the lead generation or conversions ads.

Twitter Lead generation

Does lead generation on twitter make you wonder? But the statistic says it’s a lead finder.

There are two ways to fetch your leads on this platform.


It’s another platform with a different audience, the idea behind tweets/retweets is to engage users and hence the followers. Similar to Facebook contests, you can run sweepstakes to get relevant leads or gated content to influence more people who like your content.

The organic reach for your tweets would increase when someone hits like or retweets on the post. The concept of retweets isn’t a way to increase your presence, engaging with other people’s tweets too.

Tips on tweets:

  1. Mentions of your company name
  2. Common misspellings
  3. Industry-related keywords
  4. Mentions of your competitors

Paid Promotions

On twitter, you can use paid promotion cards to gather leads. Twitter cards offer you to collect leads on-site and if you have CRM connect, it’s easily uploadable.

Here are some tips for using twitter cards:

  • Use an eye-catching image
  • Statistics help
  • Make your copy very appealing—you only have 140 characters
Linkedin Lead generation

If your company is in B2B, then what are you doing on other platforms? With a huge professional network, Linkedin is the best social media channel for B2B sales. Hence, the lead generation.

3 Ways to get B2B in your sales list:

Offer a free sample

When you go premium with LinkedIn, the chances of finding qualified leads based on job roles and other criteria are high. Well, you can do the same without premium also, right? No, the power of a premium account if you get in contact with the target network via InMail. It means you skip the mediator and reach directly to the decision-makers.

Combine Linkedin and Inbound marketing with Linkedin publishing

Drawing visitors and potential customers are what we call inbound marketing. As per the statistics, 54% more leads can be driven into your sales funnels with inbound marketing. How do you do that?

Content is the master of all. Better the content more is the reach and engagement. The strategy is to attract visitors through content marketing.

  • Represent your expertise as a thought leader
  • Offer valuable content about the relevant industry.

Get on SlideShare

Infographics are outdated! No, they are modified with SlideShare. It’s a way to create a slide deck and engage the audience. Create a relevant quick to read slides for your target audience., but don’t forget some sort of call to action either in any of the slides or at the end.


The potential of social media is beyond brand awareness. If you are still hovering over the idea of lead generation, now is the time. The platforms are ready to reap what you will sow.

If you are standing on the first level of sales funnel and searching for the right direction, ring the bell of digital marketing experts – Webchaseter. Pouring our years of experience in your sales funnels, we will walk with you from leads generation to direct sales.

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