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How to generate more leads through social media

“Social media is a platform to connect with people and share things that interest them” Absolutely right. If you are a marketing expert the above-quoted sentence would make sense to you. Read and think again.

As a marketeer, what do you do on social media? Why do you mark socializing platforms for your brand campaign? Why does the online presence of any brand infer its mark on social media?

It’s because that’s the most suitable platform to share about the company with a large audience. By implementing certain tactics, a company will be benefited from these socializing channels.

It’s similar to “You open your shop where the gathering is huge”.

The first thing that strikes any digital marketing person’s mind after hearing social media is brand awareness. The more people know about your product, the more they will be driven to buy it, hence you can directly give them your sales pitch, right?


If social media users see too much of your selling pitch, they won’t stay on the brand page a minute longer. There has to be a proper balance maintained in what you post to scale your followers up on the graph.

Interestingly, 2010 was the turning point for every marketer, that was the year when Facebook introduced paid marketing. Following the series, other social media channels also played along. Now, you have a pot full of marketing channels. With so many platforms available, the next best step for marketers is lead generation.

Little did you know about the effectiveness of lead generation, here are some amazing facts:

  • The cost of businesses has been reduced by 45% by social media marketing.
  • With lead generation, revenue has increased by 24% for businesses.
  • More than 68% of businesses are using social media platforms to generate leads.
  • The social media advertisements are 32% cost-efficient. An average leads costs $0.80 on Facebook and $.250 on google.

Now, the question is: How to turn your social media marketing campaigns into lead generating channels?

1. Optimise your profile

Before you start a social media lead campaign, follow the crucial steps of setting up the profile correctly. It still follows the saying “The first impression is the last”, your profile should be the means for customers to contact you, shop, sign up for new updates, and more. Mark the following steps to make your profile authorized and trustable.

  • Provide contact information
  • Provide company information
  • Create call-to-action buttons, depending on your goal.
2. Create clickable content

Trick the audience to click on your content, but that cannot be achieved, without click-worthy content. When competition is high, the audience’s attention window opens for a short span. If you have valuable content on your page, you can put them behind the window.

To generate leads, target the audience with visuals. In other words, your content should be valuable with a tailored creative supporting it, and a call to action button is mandatory.

3. Run contests on social media

Never go off the track, which means your social media page should have more ways to engage users. Contests! Are one way of engaging existing users and getting more users, what we call leads.

It’s another smart tactic to increase your page engagement with new leads organically. But, the information captured would require filtration as not all leads might be relevant.

4. Social Media Ads

Filling up the bucket with leads isn’t that easy, at a certain point, the organic lead collection measures will be exhausted. For a larger audience, you need to boost the efforts, which calls for social lead ads.

With Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, you can run lead generation ads to collect direct leads with targeted marketing and audience. It’s an easy and user-friendly way, the lead is just 2 minutes away.

As the benefit of running lead generation ads from these platforms has an advantage over redirected landing page users, a simple lead collecting form.

5. Takeaways are more important

To earn a contact on your list, you should be willing to give away something, and it’s not the products we are talking about. Nothing comes for free. The audience should leave their details in your inbox for a reason.

After gated content and social media contests, you can offer coupons to encourage and reward customers in exchange for a newsletter sign-up or like on a page, to name some. These are the most common tactics followed, but if you can invest in the right direction, the returns are high.

6. Don’t focus only on bottling up the leads

Focus on new leads is demanded, but are you taking care of existing leads? It’s called lead nurturing. The contacts or subscribers in your list should be rewarded for being a loyal customer because if you don’t, there are many other doors open for them. Always make your customer feel prioritized, not only from selling point of view, it can be via discount coupons, specialized newsletters, and more.

As per the study by Demand Gen Report the best tactics to nurture the leads are:

  • Webinars 35%
  • Email newsletters 29%
  • Thought leadership articles 28%
  • Whitepapers 26%
  • Customer content (case studies, reviews, etc.) 25%
  • Sales emails 21%
7. User friendly landing page

After a certain point, you would want your customers to buy directly from your website. To make that happen, you need two essential things, one – patience, a customer will spend a penny only when they trust in you, and two, user-friendly landing pages.

If you can convince someone to click on your link, then the directed page should not be disappointing. Never take a chance to bounce off a visitor. Somethings to keep in mind for redirected pages are:

  • It should be relevant with accurate and precise information.
  • Create a seamless and easily scannable page.
  • Self-explanatory with a clear path.
  • If you have forms, ask only for the most relevant details.
Wrapping up

Marketing is a slow but most promising way of achieving leads. If you fail to keep up with the tactics and patience, remember the options are flying in every corner. Even after reading on the ways of generating leads, there is so much more to dig upon.

The time is flying and competition is high, it’s better to knock on the doors of digital marketing agencies – Webchaseter, rather than just try.

We believe in what we say! If the above-mentioned tactics helped you in clearing the hazy cloud from lead generation tactics, reach out to us for more directed methods to acquire leads and accelerate your business growth.

Stay tuned, to know about the specific social media tactics for lead generation.

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