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Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

In 2020, when ideas are emerging from every corner, and the world has become a global village of technology for people to connect effortlessly from different countries and cultures. With the advancement in technology, the digital presence of the brand is crucial to keep the organization at the top. Be it a well-established organization or a startup, digital marketing sets the base for any company level to connect with new audiences, promote products, or build brand loyalty. 

If you are still playing your cards in the old traditional way to increase your sales or build brand awareness, you surely will be left behind with an empty hand. When your tactics of enhancing customer engagement fail, then it’s time to embrace digital marketing platforms to advertise your products and services. 

So, are you worried that you might lose the race with no digital presence? You must be! After all, if you don’t upgrade your strategies, you will be left behind, no matter how unique your brand or idea was.

For this reason, you must put your brand on this platform to engage your customers proactively in new ways and retain them through excellent practices. Well, digital marketing has been expanding its horizon beyond a website and a Facebook page. Finding the right platform is the first and most essential step in marketing.

According to studies, “digital ad spend is foreseen to reach over $375 billion all over the globe by 2020”.

It means every other organization is going to give the ad of their products, so how are you going to make the sales amidst neck to neck competition? To keep up with your brand, you must set your bar high with current trends.

But what are the new trends of 2020? Read on to discover the current digital marketing trends.

Social Media Presence

When we talk about a brand presence for every marketeer the first name that emerges is Facebook, but you will be startled to know that Facebook is no longer the king. If your target audience is the younger generation than your Facebook page isn’t standing any longer on that ground.

“Right platform for right target audience”.

Before deciding on which platform to go for, it is essential to look for a suitable target audience such as in case of Facebook. Instagram, Snapchat are some of the social media platforms, widely used by youngsters. So, decide before you end up losing a huge amount on the wrong platform.


The majority of the website, even social media messengers have automated chat replies to communicate naturally with people and answer the questions instantly. Chatbots are another seen advancement of technology in the field of AI.

Unlike humans, a chatbot is capable of answering the customers quickly with an apt response. It helps in retaining customers in two ways, one they appreciate the personalized service and two, most of the queries are solved right there.

Unleash the power of video

Are you targeting your audience only through text or images? Well, you are missing out big time on conversion then. In this digital era, text-based content cannot impact the way a video can, especially when you are trying to create brand awareness and sell the products.

According to the statics,

  • 70% of the consumers have watched and shared a brand’s video.
  • 72% of the businesses have improved their conversion rate with videos.
  • 52% of the consumer claimed brand or product videos build their trust in the brand.

With the above-mentioned stats, the slate is clear. A video is what you need. From video ads to live streaming, every marketer should adopt this method to draw a huge audience and spread brand recognition.

Content Marketing

If you are wondering with videos, the requirement of content has dropped down then you are stepping on the wrong foot. A need for good content persists in the market and it’s never going to fade away. Content marketing still holds the essence of digital marketing, but now it has to be a perfect blend of content, context, and targeting.

Google is getting smarter like always, the thirst for good content sets the new understanding of online content. So, your content should be tailored more accurately in 2020. With the new algorithm, the search engine understands the need for natural language in user search queries.

As Google advises “ Rather than chasing the latest SEO trends, ensure a website speed, useful links, and well-written content.”

Messaging Apps

A year back WhatsApp launched a new business WhatsApp feature covered with the benefits. That’s when the trend of targeting the users through messaging apps had set the course.

The below stats of active users on these apps will amaze you,

  • 1.3 billion monthly users are active on Facebook Messenger, sending more than 10 billion messages every month.
  • WhatsApp has 1.6 billion active users with over 55 billion messages sent daily.

The numbers in the next 5 to 7 years are likely to increase. So, can you see the potential you have left untouched with these apps? Not only this, but Facebook messenger also generates 10 to 80 times more engagement than organic posts in the news feed.

Email Marketing

When messengers are boosting the brand’s products, is email marketing still effective? This is a debatable yet most wondered question. Some dishes never go off the plate, they just keep getting better with modification.

Email marketing is one such kind, as emails are still being used by billions of people for different purposes. As emails might give fewer results, it’s time to get smarter with new tactics. The emails are now evolving with the market, it’s a combination of automation and personalization that makes your email stand out.

It’s not only about sending the newsletters, amaze your customers by triggering the emails based on their browsing behavior. Yes, that’s possible. Figure out the ways and techniques to upgrade your brand emails.

So, get updated or get left behind

If you would see, AI has a huge impact on the techniques today the marketeers are implementing. From chatbot to voice search, AI is everywhere. The baseline of today’s digital marketing trend is personalization. The more you believe in the user, the more impact your brand will create.

We at Webchaseter understand, to keep your business moving you need to touch the market digitally. It’s time to dive in with the experts who are ready to put in their years of work and experience in your project to make your brand stand out of others.

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